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Call Recording

Record your calls for better business insights

Record calls to monitor your agents on-call performance and customer service-line

Record customers call to keep better insights

Improve Customer Service

Agents will provide every possible service to the customers in a fast manner as they know that all interactions are getting recorded.

Better Inquiry

Callers can enquire about any business-related service and product without any interruption by the agents.

Effective Analysis

You can hear the interactions of agents and customers to effectively analyze your agents on-call performance.

Secure Storage

Recordings are stored on secure cloud storage which has access to limited users to prevent misuse.

Better Training

By analysis, you can identify the areas of improvement and train your agents accordingly.

Automatic Storage

Recordings get stored in cloud storage automatically which prevents manual errors.

How It helps you?
Enhance your agents on-call performance by
recording their interactions with the clients.

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Make your calling process expert prone by training your agents effectively.

Maintains Quality

Maintain the quality of interaction of your agents with the clients and make the changes accordingly to enhance customer communication.

Key Insights

Understand your customers issues and requirements by listening to their recordings and keep the insights.

Effective Training

Effectively train your agents by analyzing their on-call performance with the customers and make improvements.

Future Evidence

Recorded conversations work as exact evidence of the interactions between your agents and customers.

Client Satisfaction

Keep insights into the conversation understand the issues & requirements of your customers and provide systems accordingly.

Regulatory Compliance

Recording calls will ensure that your business is following all essential regulatory norms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is Call Recording?

    This programming empowers you to record phone discussions either over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP) in an advanced sound document group. It additionally gives you the capacity to recover, playback, store, and share recordings.

  • For how long these recordings are stored?

    There is no specific time limit or we can say that recordings are stored for an unlimited time period which can be accessed at any time in the future.

  • Can I be sure of the security of my recorded calls?

    Recordings are securely uploaded on the cloud automatically with limited user access and protected by unbreakable measures.

  • Can I download the call recordings?

    Yes, you can download the recordings from the panel itself. You can even share the recordings foe further training and other purposes.

  • What is the process to get a Call Recording system?

    All you have to do is just Signup on our website or contact Msgclub. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding the recording of calls.