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Call Tracking

Monitor all the activities of your Business

Track the details of calls and agent activities through live tracking software.

Monitor agent interactions with every client .

Easy Management

It will make it easy for management to mark the performance of each agent through their interaction records.

Monitoring Calls

Every call can be monitored with the help of this software which is helpful to record the interest and issues of the clients.

Call Handling

When calls get tracked agents to have a sort of responsibility to handle client's calls in a professional manner hence it will also indicate their performance.

Professional Reputation

Live tracking will leave a reputation that you are recording the call for quality purpose check which leaves a long-lasting impression among customers.

Secure Communications

It will prevent customers from any type of misbehaving from the side of agents and will provide a secure medium of communication.

Identify Leads

Calls can be tracked on the basis of either its service-related or business-related so it can identify potential leads easily.

How It helps you?
Improve your commercial communication
through live tracking of calls.

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Monitor all call activities and interactions live to enhance client communication.

Detailed Call Reports

By efficient tracking, you can prepare a detailed call report for every call and can analyze that.

Quick and Easy Integration

This software is easy to integrate with CRM Softwares which makes its process more easy to utilize.

Multichannel Call Attribution

This software can track multiple calls from different numbers at the same time that too of callers and agents both.

Complete Caller Details

Complete caller details from number to location can be tracked through tracking of calls which also helps a business to properly address the interest and issues of customers.

Call Back Report

With the help of this software, agents can know which customer wants them to call back or not because the system records the callback requests.

No cost incurred

Maintain your client's protection as you connect the call between your specialists and your clients without the operators acquiring any personal costs.


What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is Call Tracking?

    It is the way toward deciding how guests discovered your business. Promoting and deals groups can utilize call following information to quantify the accomplishment of publicizing efforts and advance future activities.

  • How Does Call Tracking Work?

    Unique telephone numbers are given to each touchpoint web-based, permitting the business to figure out which promoting channel affected the possibility to call. The business would then be able to coordinate their number with this source.

  • What Is Call Tracking Software?

    This software gives organizations an approach to comprehend which web-based promoting channels are urging potential clients to ring up. Each showcasing channel is doled out a one of a kind telephone number. In the event that the client rings up, the business would then be able to figure out which channel instigated the call.

  • Why Use Call Tracking?

    There are a lot of advantages to tracking the calls. It empowers organizations to figure out which internet advertising channels are creating leads by means of the telephone. Failing to meet expectations pages would then be able to be distinguished and improved. By showing high performing channels, ROI can be improved by putting resources into the correct spots.

  • What is the process for tracking calls?

    All you have to do is just Signup on our website or contact Msgclub. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding the live tracking of calls.