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We empower the Whatsapp Business advertising & promotional campaigns for Shops, Stores, and Showrooms via MsgClub Whatsapp API for Jewellers.

Msgclub WhatsApp Business services for jewelry devoted include personalized product consultations, real time order tracking, exclusive new collections, and efficient customer support to ensure a seamless and jewelry shopping experience. It makes communication instant, reliable, and engaging, replacing cold, impersonal business emails with rich, interactive, and real time conversations.

MsgClub loves to serve with Whatsapp Business API for Jewellery Industry so you can send real-time information to your customers

Create buzz

Enhanced Engagement

Whatsapp used in Jewellery shop stay connected with your customers in real time. Also share product updates, promotions, and offers directly to their WhatsApp. It is a priority for Jewelers to engage customers.
Bring more crowd

Seamless Communication

Communicate effortlessly with customers through a familiar and widely used platform like Msgclub Whatsapp API. Provide personalized assistance, answer queries, and build lasting relationships for the showroom.
Build better relations

Increased Sales

With Whatsapp business Jewelers showcase your latest designs and collections to a wider audience. Drive sales for jewelry showroom by sending targeted messages to interested customers of jewelry.
Promote promptly

Time Efficient

Automate routine tasks such as order confirmations and shipping updates through Whatsapp API. Using WhatsApp Business API for jewelers refers to the streamlining of business processes ultimately saving time.
Make event successful

Promotions and Loyalty

Run targeted promotions and loyalty programs through Msgclub. Reward loyal customers with exclusive offers and discounts, fostering a sense of appreciation and encouraging repeat business.
Keep audience updated

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer engagement and interaction patterns with Msgclub tools. Use this data to refine your marketing strategies, understand customer preferences, and optimize your business operations.

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Features of Msgclub Service for Jewelry Showroom

Create buzz

Two Way Messaging

Whatsapp API for jeweller software is engaged in interactive conversations with customers. With the help of WhatsApp in jewellery business receive and respond to inquiries promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction. Jewellers use whatsapp services for the showroom to grow our jewellery business.
Bring more crowd

Broadcast Lists

Keeping your customer updated is vital. With Whatsapp Broadcast features you can reach a larger audience with personalized broadcasts. In these broadcasts we share details about our jewellery showroom, new arrival of jewelery, send updates, promotions, and event invitations with a single click.
Build better relations

Automated Responses

Set up automated replies for common queries through text messaging solutions for jewellery shops. Automated response can help customers and build brand image. It Provide instant information on product availability, pricing, and more with whatsapp chatbot. It makes a good image in our customer mind.
Promote promptly

Rich Media Sharing

It is affordable fine jewelry on whatsapp With rich media sharing you can share high quality images and videos of your exquisite jewelry. You can also make Whatsapp Catalog through which customer view all the product. It creates visually appealing catalogs to captivate your audience in the jewelry store.
Make event successful


Integrate Whatsapp gateway with jewellery showroom has helped to make strategy. Seamlessly integrate with your existing system for a unified view of customer interactions. Utilize customer data to tailor your marketing strategies. This integration facilitates efficient order management, inventory tracking, and sales analytics.
Keep audience updated

After Sale Services

Ensure customers know about the after sale services you offer whether it is jewelry polishing, customizing, or resizing a simple WhatsApp message can keep them informed and engaged. WhatsApp Business for your store is helpful for new customers and also for existing customers for updates with the Whatsapp.

SMS Sample Jewellers can use in WhatsApp Business

General Greeting Message

Welcome to [Meera Showroom]. We are glad you chose us for our jewelry store
If you need to order [ bracelet, ring, earning, etc] here our website: [].
Lets connect on Instagram for some unique designs: [meera showroom]
Team [meera showroom]

Aware about your brand

I am Greta from [Meera Showroom]. Welcome to [Meera Showroom] where we sell [ gold jewelry].
Here is why our customers love us
We promote sustainable fashion.
Our designs do not go out of trend & can be worn for years.
Our friendly support will make sure you have a great buying experience.
We have so many collections on our website to choose from. I am sure you will find something that suits you.
Ready to order? Visit our website: []

Order Confirmation

Hey there!
We have received your order. Your Order Id is [Id 123654789]
Once your package ships, we will send you message with tracking number and link to track it.
If you have any questions, drop us a note. We are here to help!
Returns: If you would like to return your product(s), please see the return policy here [link]
P.S. You may love these too: []
Team [Meera Showroom]

Order Delivered

Dear [ MR Rakesh]
We are excited to let you know that your order [ Id 123654789] has been
Order details
Date - [6/12/2023]
Time - [12:30 PM]
Address - [Sudama nagar]
Thank you for choosing [Meera jewellery showroom]
Meera Jewellery Showroom

Customer Support

We have received your query. One of our team members will get back to you within the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can go through our FAQ section here [] to find a quick resolution.
Thank you,
Support Team at [Meera Showroom]

Benefits of MsgClub Send SMS for Jewellery business

Create buzz

Personalized Bulk Messaging

Regularly update your partners about latest designs, bulk offers, or special discounts for WhatsApp Business for your store. Use broadcast lists to send these personalized messages, ensuring each partner feels valued.
Bring more crowd

Virtual Showcases

Unable to come to the store? No problem! Use WhatsApp features to give customers a view of your latest collection, offers and products ensuring they do not miss out on any piece. So, with whatsapp you can purchase online.
Build better relations

Secure Transactions

With Msgclub whatsapp business api service you can share invoices and payment receipts directly on mobile. It is very helpful and safe for customers as well as businesses. It Ensures transparency and builds trust.
Promote promptly

Feedback Collection

After delivering an order of jewelry, send a quick feedback form via WhatsApp Jewellery shop. This simple act shows you value their opinion and are always looking to enhance your collaboration with them.
Make event successful

Participation in Exhibitions

If you are making an announcement of participation in exhibitions, or you are taking part in any jewelry exhibitions or trade shows, a quick WhatsApp message can ensure a personal invite to all your partners as well as customers.
Keep audience updated

AI Powered Commerce Bot

Selling jewelry on WhatsApp through automated order bookings, answer queries, or even gather feedback post purchase. This bot works 24/7, ensuring your clients get real time assistance, even after business hours.