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What we offer?

guaranteed inbox delivery with our transactional email services

Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

We understand the loss that you incur due to getting spammed. We offer guaranteed inbox delivery with our transactional email services.

personalized transactional email API

Develop personalize API

With our personalized transactional email API, developed specially for you, you can send personalized emails to your clients.

Raw API to send bulk SMS from transactional email

Raw APIs

MsgClub offers you robust APIs to facilitate you in sending emails to your customers, like single API to send critical info to an individual, & bulk API for you to send bulk emails.

transactional email services to get ready code

Ready Code

Avail MsgClub's transactional email services to get PHP, Java Ready Codes from the MsgClub, prewritten to help developers integrate into other software or application.


Msgclub sms Mobile app is a powerful application that enables users to send generic & customized SMS message.

We love it when we deliver satisfaction to our customers. With 100% delivery accuracy, you too are going to love our services.

transactional email service for financial institutions

Transactional Emails

With our transactional email service, we let financial institutions to send crucial information via emails to their clients, like credit/debit alerts, account information etc. This way you ensure uncompromised & super fast delivery of information.

purchase receipt emails from transactional email

Purchase Receipts

Customers these days expect purchase receipt emails from any online vendor they do business with. MsgClub's transactional mail service is sure to make them happy by mailing them purchase receipts right to their inbox.

Mass mail registration information via transactional emails

Registration Emails

Mass mail registration information via emails. You can do this using MsgClub's transactional Email gateway. Send informative email at the time of registration, or at the time of subscription/unsubscription.

Get password reset email from transactional email services

Password Reset Emails

Password reset emails allow users to recover passwords or set new ones in an effort to gain access to your app or account. This type of transactional mail is essential to any application that requires a password.

Why Choose Us?

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get transactional email service from the MsgClub?

MsgClub's best transactional email service caters all of your bulk mail requirements. To avail this facility of ours, please do contact us at the contact given or visit us at our office, anytime.

Is there any document required to get transactional email service from MsgClub?

If you wish to avail our transactional bulk mail service, we need you to sign an undertaking on your business letterhead. This is for nothing but just to ensure safe and proper use of transactional mail service.

How to use transactional email API?

MsgClub's transactional email API can be used with another software you use to simplify the functionality of MsgClub's mass mailing services. You can either use Single APIs, to send registration, login information etc, or use Bulk email APIs to send bulk informative emails to numerous people.

What is your transactional email gateway price?

We provide our transactional email service at a very reasonable and considerable price. We provide the best affordable transactional email price than our competitors and also offer enhanced services & complete support.

Why do I need to get transactional email services?

MsgClub is the best transactional email service provider in India. You can avail our services to send transactional emails for various purposes like to send deals, order confirmations, password reset mails etc.

Why should I choose msgclub as my transactional email service provider?

Since 2009, MsgClub has come up a long way with thousands of happy customers and delivered satisfaction. We provide best services in the entire industry. We provide 24*7 support & have an experienced team of developers for back-end support.