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Verified WhatsApp For Customer Support

Quickly respond to support inquiries via WhatsApp Verified.

Respond more quickly and build your reputation for providing excellent customer support via Verified Whatsapp.

Support Advantages
Provide your customers the greatest assistance you can.

Instant Access

Revert to customer inquiries that call for prompt attention and gather the necessary data to address issues raised by customers 24/7 via Verified Whatsapp Customer Service.

Chatbot Support

Easily automate assistance by building straightforward routines that can handle frequently asked questions and forward them to your support team when necessary.

Quality Management

Encourage the quality control procedure that enhances your customer service by promptly getting feedback from clients after every interaction with Whatsapp Verify.

Timely Updates

Inform clients via timely Verified Whatsapp API notifications that their orders, appointments, and questions are being handled.

Integrate Support

In order to make sure you do not miss the context of discussions, integrate Msgclub Verified Whatsapp with your helpdesk, CRM, and Ecommerce platform to use for Customer Support.

Increase Customer Support

With Msgclub Whatsapp automation you can grow your WhatsApp support without increasing the amount of money you spend.

How can it assist you?
Provide Customer Winning Support

WhatsApp Verified Business API

and Whatsapp Chatbot.

Create an account with Msgclub Verified WhatsApp Business API Solution for your customer support and services.

Get started with Verified WhatsApp Business API Service using Msgclub today.


Strong and powerful Verified WhatsApp Business Solutions to Support your customers with ease and efficiency.

Product Catalogs

Send product catalogs to customers in bulk with auto-replies and campaigns on Verified Whatsapp for business Customer Service.


Set up Verified Whatsapp automated responses to frequently asked questions and alerts for COD confirmations, abandoned carts, and deals.

Campaigns & Broadcast

Set up one-time or ongoing campaigns to draw in more businesses from your target market with the help of Whatsapp Verified Business.

Collaborate & Chatbot

Add WhatsApp widgets into your online store and work together with an unlimited number of team members to provide Verified Whatsapp Business API Customer Service.

Monitor Chat & Campaign

Monitor your peoples response and resolution times for campaigns to enhance the customer experience via Verified Whatsapp Business for Customer Service.

Grow Future Sales

By offering a high level of satisfaction you can increase chance that happy customers will make new and repeat purchases with the help of WhatsApp Verified.


What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • How can I use Verified WhatsApp for business support?

    Msgclub provides you Verified on Whatsapp which helps your business support like Answering questions from customers, getting their comments, sharing timely notifications, offering relevant information and suggestions, and streamlining customer communication.

  • How can I manage and organize customer inquiries on Verified WhatsApp for support?

    WhatsApp provides tools for businesses to manage and organize customer conversations. You can label and categorize conversations, use quick replies for common queries, create group chats for your support team, and set business hours to inform customers when to expect a response with the help of Verified WhatsApp Business Account.

  • What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Verify support for customer support automation?

    The benefits of using WhatsApp Verify support for customer support automation
    (1) Efficiency: Routine requests are handled by automated responses which saves support agents time.
    (2) 24/7 Availability: Increasing service availability customers can seek assistance at any time.
    (3) Rapid Reactions: Prompt responses increase client satisfaction and simplify the resolution of straightforward problems.
    (4) Scalability: Able to manage a high number of queries without putting too much strain on human operators.
    (5) Keep your messaging constant and your support level high throughout all of your encounters.
    (6) Cost Savings: By automating tedious operations support expenses can be decreased.
    (7) Data collection: Compile insightful consumer insights and analytical data for upcoming enhancements.

  • Can Verified Whatsapp API support automation handle more complex support tickets?

    Yes, to a certain extent Verified Whatsapp API support automation can handle more complicated support tickets. Automation can be quite useful in answering repeated and normal questions but it might not be able to completely replace human agents when dealing with extremely complicated and complex topics.

  • Can I provide multi Language support Verified on WhatsApp for customers who speak different languages?

    Yes, you can offer multi language support Verified on WhatsApp. You can set up multiple quick replies or use automated translation tools to communicate with customers in their preferred language.