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WhatsApp For Healthcare

WhatsApp Business APIs importance in Healthcare.

WhatsApp's Role in Healthcare, Go the additional mile by allowing your patients and customers to contact you at any time and at any stage of their journey.

Advantages of WhatsApp Healthcare
Assist your Patientsas best as you can .

Appointment Scheduling

Allow your Patients to book appointments at WhatsApp. Use it without any technical assistance by MsgClub’s WhatsApp chatbot.

Appointment Reminders

Send timely appointment reminders to your Patients, using WhatsApp APIs to ensure they never miss another appointment.

Notifications for Reports

Directly from an automated system, send reminders to patients to collect samples & reports from your clinic.

Follow-up Patients

You can send post-consultation follow-ups to your patients to check in. Using WhatsApp business for healthcare.

Patients Service Automation

Creating a WhatsApp business chatbot as a healthcare firm helps you to support your patients at all hours.

Analytics in Real Time

Plan accordingly by viewing real-time metrics on the Msgclub WhatsApp Platform for deliveries, read rates, and more.

How does it assist you?
Modernise your Patients communication
with the

Verified Business WhatsApp API

and Chat BOT specially for Healthcare.

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Grow your Healthcare sector with ease & efficiently assist your patients.

Patients Satisfaction

Connect with your patients anytime & Improve your CSAT scores by providing assistance for your Patients' favourite app.

Personalise Messaging

Personalise your Bond and communications to develop a better rapport and better relation with your patients.

Patients Engagement

Bring together all of your patients-facing departments on the MsgClub’s WhatsApp engagement platform.

There will be no code implementation.

MsgClub is designed to help expand hospitals/clinics. All it requires is a quick and simple drag-and-drop method.

Context Communication

When necessary, bring in an agent without losing the context of the conversation.

Natively Integrate

Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM and other systems to provide a comprehensive customer experience.


What our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer answers to some of the questions that may arise in your mind.

  • What role does WhatsApp play in healthcare?

    WhatsApp has various advantages over traditional communication methods such as phone and email for healthcare communication. For example, WhatsApp enables healthcare providers to transmit photographs, videos, and voice notes, making complex medical information easier to communicate.

  • How do apps assist in healthcare?

    Reduce the risks of misdiagnosis. Manually managing patient records is time-consuming and prone to diagnostic errors. However, health applications eliminate all potential risks to the patient.

  • How should I advertise my healthcare app?

    Find the most suitable channels for app launch promotion and use them to gain recognition so that your product is well received when it is released. 1)Investigate Your Audience. It's critical to understand who you're trying to reach with your healthcare digital marketing strategy. 2)Create a Press Kit. 3)Gather Support.

  • What exactly is a health care app?

    These healthcare applications are application programmes that provide health-related services ranging from wellness to doctor consultations, severe disease health diet management to mental health calm.

  • What is the WhatsApp Healthcare Business API?

    Image for health care whatsapp business WhatsApp Business gives doctors and carers access to all necessary patient information. Healthcare organizations can store patients' medical data by combining WhatsApp Business API with third-party technologies. This helps doctors to treat their patients with the appropriate care in a timely manner.