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Verified WhatsApp Healthcare

Communicate with patients by Verified WhatsApp

Whatsapp Verified Business API is communication of the future for healthcare. To increase healthcare security.

Advantages of Healthcare
Assist your patients as best as you can


Using Verified WhatsApp Business APIs send your patients timely appointment reminders to make sure to never miss appointments.

Appointment Booking

Allow your Patients to book appointments self-service Whatsapp Chatbots for scheduling appointments can help patients save time.


Whatsapp Chatbots are able to assist an unlimited number of users because of self-service. Simple problems wont even require your representatives to waste time on.


Using Verified WhatsApp business for healthcare.Send follow-up Verify WhatsApp messages to your patients after the appointment to see how they feel.

Confirmation & Support

Whatsapp Automation reminders to gather samples and data from your clinic or hospital can be sent to your patients and help to support.

Privacy Guaranteed

By securing your healthcare conversations with WhatsApp Verify secure messaging technology you can increase the trust.

How does it assist you?
Simplify patient communication by utilizing the Whatsapp Verified Business
and Chat BOT

designed specifically for

the healthcare industry.

Start managing your Clinic/Hospital with Msgclub Verified Whatsapp API.

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What we Offer

Verified Whatsapp Business API allows you to send messages to your target audience on a single platform.

Health Record

Patients can receive medical files as digital records from you. To make it possible for patients to use their phone to view their health records.

Fast Response

Patients will receive excellent responses using the Verified WhatsApp API service which also makes it simpler for medical professionals to share health reports.

Paperless Reports

Administrators can transmit information regarding tests, sudden conferences, progress reports, etc. by using the Verified WhatsApp business API.


Reviews are rated and shared by patients with Verified Whatsapp. Patients suggestions will be able to be implemented into healthcare.

Personalised Messaging

To improve your relationship and interaction with your patients use WhatsApp Verifyto personalize your conversations and bonds.


Healthcare organizations can effortlessly receive mobile notifications about lab reports by using Verified WhatsApp business API.


What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is a Verified WhatsApp Account for Healthcare?

    A Verified WhatsApp Account for healthcare is a proper business account that has undergone a verification process by WhatsApp Verify. It is designed to enhance trust and credibility for healthcare providers.

  • Can I integrate Verified Whatsapp with my health care website?

    Yes, it is easy to combine your Verified on WhatsApp with your website so that if a customer visits your website they may message you instantly.

  • How can a healthcare organization get a verified WhatsApp account?

    To get a Verified WhatsApp account, a healthcare organization needs to apply for verification through the WhatsApp Business API or WhatsApp Business app. The verification process typically involves confirming the identity and authenticity of the business.

  • How can healthcare providers get access to Verified WhatsApp Business API for Healthcare Providers?

    A WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider like Msgclub is a good place to start.(1) Ensure your business information is accurate.(2) Contact a WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider.Request verification through the provider.(3) Complete the verification process by submitting required documents.(4) Once approved, your healthcare account will receive a verified badge on Whatsapp.

  • Is there a cost associated with using a Verified WhatsApp account for healthcare?

    It may charge fees for using its Verified Whatsapp API depending on the volume of messages sent. The WhatsApp Business app is free to use for basic features.