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WhatsApp For Sales Teams

Make Verified WhatsApp your sales team's superpower.

Verified WhatsApp Business Api can assist to enhance sales with CRM, share access with your team and automate responses. The most basic CRM product on the market.

Advantages of WhatsApp Sales Teams
Assist your Sales Team as best as you can .

Lead Generation from Qualified Sources

Add a WhatsApp chat button to your website and Facebook/Instagram ads to receive inquiries from highly qualified leads.

Direct Lead Engagement

Begin communicating with your leads as soon as they sign up. Conversations with customers in real time avoid lead leakage. MsgClub WhatsApp Chatbots are simple to create with an interface.

Preventing Lead Leakage

Emails and phone calls receive very few responses. Within the first three minutes, more than 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened. It is the most convenient way to keep in touch with your leads.

Qualification and Routing of Leads

Ensure that your leads are in appropriate teams following qualification to ensure that they are speaking with appropriate agents for optimum impact.

Personalised Promotions

Send personalised WhatsApp campaigns in bulk! Make certain that your customers make the most of your deals.

Integrations, both native and custom

Integrate your CRM, Helpdesk, and any other tools you use with WhatsApp business API to get the most out of the platform.

How does it assist you?
Modernise your Business communication
with the

Verified Business WhatsApp API

and WhatsApp Chat BOT.

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Grow your Sales Team with ease & efficiently assist your Clients.

Analytics in Real Time

Plan accordingly by viewing real-time metrics on the Msgclub WhatsApp Business Platform for deliveries, read rates, and more.

Live Team Chat

Have a Sales team of people driving Live Chat Support on the same WhatsApp Business Number.

Bot with No Code

Create an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot to manage the sales team and support inquiries on WhatsApp chat.

API Integration for CRMs

WhatsApp business APIs allow you to connect your CRM, Payment Portals, and eCommerce Platforms. WhatsApp API connection is simple for developers..

Notification Automation

Increase sales by taking action on abandoned carts, application drop-offs, order confirmations, event updates, and other issues.

Access to Mobile Apps

You may communicate with your client at any time and from any location, and you can provide solutions to any problems they may be experiencing.


What our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer answers to some of the questions that may arise in your mind.

  • How can I utilize WhatsApp to help my sales team?

    That being stated, here are seven practical ways for increasing your sales using WhatsApp: 1)With the WhatsApp Business API, you may get an official WhatsApp number. 2)Share Your Store's URL. 3)Promote Your Company on WhatsApp. 4)Acquire User Loyalty. 5)Send Valuable Content.

  • What exactly is CRM in sales?

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that allows you to manage all of your company's relationships and interactions with current and prospective customers.

  • How does WhatsApp Business boost sales?

    Sending mass messages to consumers and clients is one of the most efficient ways to rapidly sell your product and increase sales. Businesses can use WhatsApp broadcast lists to add thousands of consumers who will be notified promptly about any business update, announcement, news, product launches, sales, and so on.

  • Can multiple staff members use WhatsApp for business purposes?

    You can connect up to ten devices to WhatsApp Business Premium, allowing you and your staff to answer client enquiries more rapidly. Chats can even be assigned to specific agents.

  • What is the purpose of the chat box?

    The interface that allows users to communicate with a chat programme is referred to as a chatbox. It usually appears as a little window or pop-up on a website, with a text input form for the user to type in their message and a button to start a discussion with an AI chatbot or a live agent. .